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It’s my hubby’s birthday! Happy Happy Birthday Choi Minho!!! I had so many things to say to you but I’m gonna make it short! Minho-ssi, I just wanted you to be happy and healthy! You’ve been so successful and I’m very proud of it! I hope God gives you more blessings and health. ! I really really really wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BITTHDAY! I’m like the happiest flamer/shawol/wife haha xD on Earth every year when Dec. 9 comes! lol.
so yeah.. CHOI MINHO! SAENGIL CHUKAHAMNIDA! :) We love you!!! ❤

WAAAAAHHHH!!!! OMG OMG! I”m LIKE THE PROUDEST SHAWOL EVAAHH!!! OMG!! my tears! and their tears T.T gaahhhh!! YOU BOYS DESERVE THIS! OMG! i can’t stop crying!!! Im SO PROUD OF Y’ALL. All the hard works had been payed! You truly deserved to be the ARTIST OF THE YEAR!! TT.TT I’m so proud of you all!! OMG!! 

If only i was there, I might have come up to hug them and I might give them a punch if they don’t stop crying because they’re making me cry. Especially Jonghyun and my BB Minho! and The Almighty Diva! and our dubu Onew! and our Maknae! Gaaahh. I can’t believe this! GOSH! Thanks GOD, Their parents, other Shawols, like me, and EVERYBODY that supported them and that stayed beside them! I LOVE YOU ALL!! :) Muapss! SHINEE AND SHAWOLS!! DAEBAK! CONGRATULATIONS!!! SHINee! ARTIST OF THE YEAR!!! yyyeeeeeeyyyy!! :D :D

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